Duplo Composite Horseshoes

Duplo Horseshoes are classified in three main categories which differ in material and functionality. At the moment, there are about 15 different versions of Duplo - and one of them will be perfect for your horse!

Line "Standard"

The Standard models consist of a comparatively soft plastic material (Shore 85). They are recognizable by their orange color. The elastic rubber lip avoids snow and mud balling up which is why the orange shoes are often used in the winter.


Line "Extra"

The Extra models are made from a stronger plastic material (Shore 92) than the Standard ones. They are readily identifiable by their green color. The application of a rubber lip is not possible because of the rather stiff material. The green shoes are therefore less adequate for winter; they are however frequently used in warm regions.


Line "Special"

This product line provides orthopedic shoes for horses with sensitive hooves or other hoof problems.



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