Anti-Skid Protection with Spikes and Studs

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Thanks to their material and their profiled surface, Duplo Horseshoes are well protected against slipping. However, there are situations in which additional anti-slide protection with spikes or studs is necessary.

Depending on the Duplo model used and the situation, there are some aspects which you should consider when using spikes or studs. We are aware that this topic is quite extensive - if you need help choosing the best way of skid-proofing your horseshoe, please contact the Duplo Team; we are looking forward to helping you!

The small spikes are used as a preliminary stage to studs - just like tungsten carbide pins in traditional horseshoes. You can easily screw them into the synthetic material of the Duplo Horseshoe with a suitable adapter. Depending on the Duplo model, you can use up to eight spikes per horseshoe.


Instruction: The Application of Spikes


Small Studs
If Spikes are not enough to protect the hoof from slipping, you can use screw studs. The screw threads of the regular Duplo models are located in the heel area and fixated in the synthetic material. They are suitable for M8 studs of 4 mm and 6 mm. We do not recommend using larger studs because they can lever the thread inserts out of their position.

Each stud of 4 mm and 6 mm is equipped with a washer which spreads the punctual pressure of the stud on a larger surface. This is more comfortable for the horse. Furthermore, the washer improves the stability of the thread insert.


Careful: The studs with washer are not suitable for Duplo Horseshoes with ring-shaped metal inlay!


Large Studs
If you want to use larger studs, we recommend Duplo models with thread inserts that are firmly fixated in the metal inlay - currently, that is every horseshoe with ring-shaped metal inlay. Thanks to the additional stabilization, the thread inserts cannot be levered out of their position even during extreme strain.

The Duplo models with additionally fixated thread inserts are suitable for screw studs of 8 mm or 12 mm. When screwed in, the stud sinks into the thread for about 3 mm - that way, the first pitch of the screw thread won't be damaged even during abrasion and the thread will be easier to clean. The actual height of the stud is therefore 5 mm (in case of 8 mm studs) or 9 mm (in case of 12 mm studs). We do not recommend using larger studs because they strain the horseshoe and the horse's health too much.


Careful: The large studs are only suitable for horseshoes with thread inserts that are firmly fixated in the metal inlay!


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the Application of Studs
We have gathered the answers to the most frequent questions about the use of studs. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask the Duplo Team!

Is it possible to use Duplo models with ring-shaped metal inlay with smaller studs?
The thread inserts that are firmly fixated in the metal inlay have a prefabricated indentation which makes the stud sink into the thread for about 3 mm when screwed in. The actual height of the stud is therefore reduced by about 3 mm and the application of smaller studs is barely relevant in everyday life. This is why we don't offer small studs for these thread inserts.

Which Duplo models have M8 threads and which have M10 threads?
Most threads have the size M8. However, for reasons of stability, we use larger M10 threads for those Duplo models which are suitable for larger studs - except for the smaller sized horseshoes which aren't large enough for M10 thread inserts. Please take a look at the thread size so you can order the correct stud size!

Which tool is suitable for which stud?
Depending on size and shape of the stud, you need different tools:
• 4 mm studs (M8): hex wrench or 10 mm open-end wrench
• 6 mm studs (M8): square wrench or 10 mm open-end wrench
• 8 mm studs (M8): hex wrench or 10 mm open-end wrench
• 8 mm studs (M10): 12 mm open-end wrench
• 12 mm studs (M8): hex wrench or 10 mm open-end wrench
• 12 mm studs (M10): 12 mm open-end wrench

Latest Update: 2018-03-06


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