Duplo Basics

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Standard and Extra
Basically, there are two lines of Duplo models which are quite distinct from each other even in their color.

The Standard models are made of relatively soft synthetic material. They are recognizable by their knob arrays in orange color.

Extra horseshoes are made of a slightly harder synthetic material than the Standard models. They are recognizable by their knob arrays in green color.



The Knobs
Generally, all Duplo Horseshoes are equipped with two knob arrays. The knobs are impressed into the hoof wall and thus help the horseshoe keep its position on the hoof. Experience has shown that two knob arrays are sufficient even if there are no quarter clips - provided that the horseshoe has been carefully applied.

Open-toed models are the exception to the rule - we produce them completely without knobs. Contrary to the regular models, the open-toed Duplo is not used as a high performance horseshoe but for therapeutic cases and it is usually less challenged than a regular horseshoe.

Some models from our early days still have four knob arrays instead of two. If you use these (or any other) horseshoes and your horse has flat, sensitive hooves, please consider removing the inner knob arrays so they won't exert pressure on the sole!


The Elastic Rim
Most of the Duplo models have a synthetic elastic rim which considerably reduces the accumulation of snow and debris. This is why the horseshoes with rim are often (but not only!) used in winter.

Until now, it was only possible to add a rim to the slightly softer Standard horseshoes. Thanks to new machines and better techniques, we are now able to attach a synthetic rim to the slightly harder material of the Extra models. In the medium term, all Duplo models without closed sole area will be equipped with an elastic rim.




Clipped Duplo Horseshoes
Most of the Duplo models have quarter clips by now - simply because they are well-proven. The clips facilitate the nailing process for the farrier because the horseshoe is kept in position by the quarter clips even before all nails are placed. During the regular shoeing period, the quarter clips prevent the horseshoe from twistinig or getting out of position.

For therapeutic applications, we have developed the Duplo Wedge which can be combined with every clipped Duplo Horseshoe. There is a wedge for every horseshoe size and shape. You can simply place the wedge on the horseshoe without any further effort - it will be kept in position thanks to the quarter clips.



Profiled Duplo Horseshoes
Every Duplo Horseshoe is profiled on its lower surface, but some models have an increased profile which improves the anti-slide qualities of the Duplo. We recommend the increased profile on muddy or pebbly paths where additional grip is necessary.



Threaded Duplo Horseshoes
Thanks to its material and its profiled surface, the Duplo Composite Horseshoe is well protected against slipping. But there are situations in which an additional skid-proof equipment is necessary. That is why some Duplo models are equipped with two threads in their heel area which can be used with screw.

The screw threads of the regular Duplo models are positioned in the synthetic material of the horseshoe. They can be used with studs of 4 mm and 6 mm. If you want to use larger studs, we recommand horseshoes with their threads firmly attached to the metal inlay - that is particularly the Duplo Jumper which has been developed for the requirements of show jumping horses and which even has four screw threads.

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Closed Duplo Horseshoes
The sole area of some Duplo horseshoes is closed either with a slim synthetic pad or with an integrated synthetic grid, depending on the model. We often use these horseshoes for flat, sensitive soles or in case of very stony trails - and of course, there are numerous therapeutic applications possible.


Horseshoes with Reinforced Toe Area
The Duplo models with reinforced toe area have been developed in close collaboration with the Miller Ranch in Arizona. Being used for climbing in the rocks of Arizona, the horseshoe is especially strained around the toe area. The most important challenge for Duplo was therefore to prevent the synthetic material from breaking open around the toe. To ensure this, the toe area of the horseshoe is bordered with steel in order to increase its resistance. Thanks to the synthetic material of the rest of the shoe, it is still very shockabsorbing; the additional steel border protects the synthetic material from being torn out, though.

The additional steel border shifts the weight of the horseshoe towards the toe. This weight transfer may influence the horse's mechanics - in a good or a bad way. In some cases, a model with reinforced toe area can be used as a therapeutic horseshoe - comparable to a regular toe weight horseshoe.

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Duplo Horseshoes with Ring-Shaped Metal Inlay
Some Duplo models have a ring-shaped metal inlay - quite similar to a traditional Heart Bar metal horseshoe. Thanks to that feature, those horseshoes are absolutely solid and torsion-free even during extreme use. They are ideal for horses that need an extremely solid and, at the same time, very shock-absorbing horseshoe.

Compared to Duplo models with a regular metal inlay, a horseshoe with ring-shaped metal inlay considerably reduces the flexibility of the hoof capsule in its heel area. This may be a desirable feature in case of certain therapeutic indications. At the same time, the shoe is less heavy than a traditional heart bar shoe of the same size. The locomotor system is therefore treated with care.

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Duplo Straight Toe Shoes (STS)
The Duplo Straight Toe Shoe (STS) is our latest Duplo concept. Compared to a regular round Duplo, the toe area of the STS is slightly straightened. The oblong nail holes are positioned at 90 degrees to the white line so that it's possible to place each nail individually and to react accordingly to irregular hoof shapes. If you choose a model with quarter clips, those are positioned further backwards.

The particular shape and the prefabricated toe rocker facilitate breakover. If the hoof is correctly prepared, the Duplo Straight Toe Shoe is also ideal for difficult hoof shapes and angles.

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Open-Toed Duplo Horseshoes
The different models of open-toed Duplo Composite Horseshoes have been developed for the treatment of chronic laminitis. However, the daily routine has shown that the open-toed models are not only ideal for laminitis hooves but also in case of some other therapeutic indications.

The open toe area of the horseshoe promotes an early breakover and minimizes the leverage forces in the toe area of the hoof. Besides, if necessary, you can shorten the toe more considerably than you could with a regular horseshoe.

The front bar is shaped exactly like the dorsal rim of P3 - contrary to a straight bar, there won't be any painful punctual pressure exerted on the rim of P3 if you place the horseshoe correctly on the hoof.

Every open-toed Duplo model is equipped with an integrated synthetic grid sole so you can use liquid or kneadable padding material. Spare padding material can exit throught the holes of the grid and won't exert uncomfortable pressure on the sensitive sole.

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Latest Update: 2017-07-25


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