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Take a look at our upcoming Duplo events - we offer special seminars about Duplo Composite Horseshoes, but there are also trade shows where Duplo Horseshoes are one of many products. Interested Duplo users are welcome!

Duplo Activities in 2018
  • Advanced Hoof Course in Cave Creek, Arizona (USA) in January 2018 (photos)
  • International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) in January 2018 (photos)
  • Horseshoeing Seminar in Bern (Switzerland) on February 17, 2018 (information)
  • NBvH Workshop "Nailed Hoof Protection I-III" in Verden (Germany) in February/April 2018 (Information and Registration Form)
  • Professional Duplo Certification in Verden (Germany) in March/April 2018 (Information and Registration Form)
  • NBvH Basic Course for Future Farriers in Verden (Germany) in September 2018 (Information and Registration Form)
Duplo Activities in 2017
  • Professional Duplo Certification in February/March 2017 (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Arizona in April 2017 (photos)
  • Trade Fair Rhein-Main (Germany) in June 2017 (photos)
  • Americana in Augsburg (Germany) in September 2017 (photos)
  • International Lameness Prevention Conference (ELPO) in South Carolina in September 2017 (photos)
  • Équi-Meeting Maréchalerie in Brittany (France) in September 2017 (photos)
  • Professional Duplo Certification in Bavaria in September/October 2017 (photos)
  • ExpoHorse in Zurich (Switzerland) in December 2017 (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2016
  • Duplo Seminar in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
  • Eurocheval (Germany) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Bouvante (France) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Isernhagen (Germany) (photos)
  • Exhibition Esquiros in Moscow (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2015
  • Farrier Convention in Brittany (France) (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2014
  • Duplo Seminar in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • Duplo Seminar in Arizona (USA)
Duplo Activities in 2013
  • Duplo Seminar in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Duplo Activities in 2012
  • Duplo Seminar in Alsatia (France) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2011
  • Duplo Seminars in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
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