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Take a look at our upcoming Duplo events - we offer special seminars about Duplo Composite Horseshoes, but there are also trade shows where Duplo Horseshoes are one of many products. Interested Duplo users are welcome!

Duplo Activities in 2018
Duplo Activities in 2017
  • Professional Duplo Certification in February/March 2017 (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Arizona in April 2017 (photos)
  • Trade Fair Rhein-Main (Germany) in June 2017 (photos)
  • Americana in Augsburg (Germany) in September 2017 (photos)
  • International Lameness Prevention Conference (ELPO) in South Carolina in September 2017 (photos)
  • Équi-Meeting Maréchalerie in Brittany (France) in September 2017 (photos)
  • Professional Duplo Certification in Bavaria in September/October 2017 (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2016
  • Duplo Seminar in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
  • Eurocheval (Germany) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Bouvante (France) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Isernhagen (Germany) (photos)
  • Exhibition Esquiros in Moscow (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2015
  • Farrier Convention in Brittany (France) (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2014
  • Duplo Seminar in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • Duplo Seminar in Arizona (USA)
Duplo Activities in 2013
  • Duplo Seminar in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Duplo Activities in 2012
  • Duplo Seminar in Alsatia (France) (photos)
  • Duplo Seminar in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
Duplo Activities in 2011
  • Duplo Seminars in Grainet (Germany) (photos)
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