Farrier List

The demand for hoof care specialists and farriers who use Duplo Composite Horseshoes is constantly growing. That's why we have created this list for horse owners who are looking for an innovative and open-minded farrier for their horse.


The farriers are sorted by country and postal code. To get more detailed information about each farrier, simply click on their name. For reasons of data protection, we cannot provide any additional data. We also cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the indicated data - we only publish the information given to us by the farriers.

Of course, we cannot guarantee the quality of their work either. But the acquired qualifications can be used as hints - the Duplo Certification, for example, whose graduates are specially marked in the list:
= Basic Duplo Certification
★★ = Professional Duplo User

You are a farrier and would like to be included in our list? Our clients are looking forward to you! Simply complete this form and mail it to the Duplo Team. Please note that, for reasons of data protection, we cannot publish your information without your signature.

Location Name Qualification
2320 Schwechat Ralf Hikade
5020 Salzburg Philipp Mükisch Hufschmied
Location Name Qualification
TOL OTO Claresholm, AB Caro Lucas ★★ Farrier
Czech Republic
Location Name Qualification
26263 Kamýk n/Vlt Roman Sirotek Farrier
Location Name Qualification
04668 Grimma Ronny Freiberg Hufschmied
06193 Löbejün Alexander Decker Huforthopäde
16515 Oranienburg Dorothea Böhnke
18320 Wiepkenhagen Stefan Treptow Hufschmied
21224 Rosengarten Joachim Jacobi Hufschmied
21376 Gödenstorf Dariusz Markoczynski
22119 Hamburg Marcel Riese Hufschmied
22175 Hamburg Sabine Firnhaber Huftechnikerin
25355 Lutzhorn Nicola Thielert Hufpflegerin
27283 Verden/Aller Janis Neurand ★★ Hufbeschlaglehrschmied
29664 Walsrode Patricia Nastoll ★★
31061 Alfeld Carsten Bornemann Hufschmied
31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge Anja Kuhrau Huftechnikerin
31855 Aerzen Tim Kiper Hufschmied
32602 Vlotho Dieter Dörnbrack Hufschmied
36341 Lauterbach Martin Weiß Hufschmied
37194 Bodenfelde Maik Waldeck Huftechniker
38530 Diddersee Julia Simon ★★
38539 Müden/Aller Joachim Lock Hufschmied
38539 Müden/Aller Verena Göde Hufschmiedin
49536 Lienen Nicole Burmester-Engel Huftechnikerin
51789 Lindlar Lutz Ottofülling Hufschmied
52393 Hürtgenwald Michael John Hufschmied
53639 Königswinter Michael Keller Huftechniker
54533 Oberkail Joao Nienhaus Hufpfleger
55270 Essenheim Uwe Schmahl Hufschmied
56290 Beltheim Markus Rickus Hufbeschlaglehrschmied
57610 Herpteroth Rayko Schwarzelt Hufschmied
57632 Giershausen Johannes Brenner Hufschmied
61273 Wehrheim Matthew Scharf
64401 Groß-Bieberau Jonas Heckmann Hufpfleger
65779 Kelkheim Richard Schnelle Hufschmied
66839 Schmelz Stefan Schmid Hufschmied
67354 Römerberg Dieter Hoy Hufpfleger
69190 Walldorf Michael Becker Hufschmied
69483 Wald-Michelbach Anna Unger Hufschmiedin
71554 Weissach in Tal Karin Schüler Hufpflegerin
71696 Möglingen Hüseyin Akalin Hufschmied
72172 Sulz am Neckar Thorsten Schubert Huftechniker
73553 Alfdorf Rainer Mayer ★★ Huftechniker
73773 Aichwald Hans-Peter Schmid Hufschmied
74427 Fichtenberg Gert Niemann Huftechniker
75196 Remchingen Bastian Reiser Huftechniker
77736 Zell am Harmersbach Steffen Bürkel Hufschmied
79112 Freiburg Andreas Müller Huftechniker
79252 Stegen Eva Neumann Hufpflegerin
79312 Emmendingen Sabrina Hauber Hufschmiedin
82140 Olching Dr. Claudia Breidenstein Huforthopädin
82319 Starnberg Ariane Köhler Huftechnikerin
84144 Geisenhausen Antonie Wöckel Hufschmiedin
86150 Augsburg Gregor Uhl Huftechniker
86871 Rammingen Patrick Henrichs Huftechniker
89079 Ulm Eileen Derzyto Hufpflegerin
89173 Urspring Walter Miller Hufschmied
89297 Roggenburg Alexander Keil Huftechniker
91781 Weißenburg Marcus Hauser Hufschmied
94146 Hinterschmiding Tanja Herzig Hufschmiedin
97353 Wiesentheid Katrin Bedacht Hufschmiedin
99092 Erfurt Marco Schnelle Hufschmied
Location Name Qualification
17100 Savona Fabio Veroli Farrier
41028 Serramazzoni (MO) Leonardo de Curtis Huftechniker
Location Name Qualification
Big Timber, MT 59011 Katie Curry ★★ Farrier
Latest Update: 2018-11-12