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On this site, we'd like to present some films with instructions and useful tips and tricks around the Duplo Horseshoe. We hope that you like our films and that you can put into practice some of our suggestions!

Duplo Composite Horseshoe
What is special about the Duplo Composite Horseshoe? Take a look at our video and check out the large number of advantages!

Duplo Standard Shoeing
Danny Frank demonstrates how to apply a Standard Duplo Horseshoe and shows which details are important for a successful shoeing.

Duplo Horseshoes in Winter
Duplo Horseshoes are ideal for the winter - our video shows what you should know about this aspect.

Duplo Laminitis Horseshoe
Wolfgang Busch demonstrates how to correctly apply the Duplo Laminitis Horseshoe.

Duplo Modifications
Master farrier Stephan Becker demonstrates how versatilely the Duplo Synthetic Horseshoe can be modified and adjusted to many different hooves.

Latest Update: 2018-05-22


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