The Duplo Glue-On Tabs

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The Duplo Glue-On Tabs Pro have come from a consequent further development of our first glue-on tabs Easy. However, the model Easy has numerous fans among hoof care practitioners and farriers and we have decided to keep this version available in our Online Shop.

Duplo Glue-On Tabs

There are some important differences between Pro and Easy. We consider these differences the special advantages of our new model and we'd like to show you the details.

Different Materials
Just like our horseshoes, the Duplo Glue-On Tabs Pro are available in two degrees of hardness. The Standard version is made of a relatively soft synthetic material, the Extra version of a material a little bit harder. It depends completely on your preferences which degree of hardness you use for which horseshoe - you can equip a Standard horseshoe with soft glue-on tabs as well as with harder glue-on tabs and vice versa for the Extra line of horseshoes. Because of all glue-on tabs being made from the same synthetic material as the Duplo Horseshoes and only differing in their degree of hardness, you can achieve an ideal connection between horseshoe and glue-on tabs - regardless of which combination of horseshoe and glue-on tabs you finally use.

Duplo Glue-On Tabs

Rough Inner Surface
The inner surface of the glue-on tabs which lies against the hoof is roughened. Because of that detail, you can achieve a better connection between tab, glue and hoof wall; the glued-on horseshoe is therefore more stable and more durable than before.

Anatomical Tab Length
The length of each tab is adjusted to the anatomy of the hoof. The tabs are longest around the toe; they evenly get shorter towards the heels. Because of that detail, you don't have to adjust the length of the tabs before using them.

Duplo Glue-On Tabs

Anatomical Tab Angles
The angle of each tab is adjusted to the shape of the hoof. Around the toe, the tabs have relatively flat angles; their position gets evenly steeper towards the heels. Thanks to that detail, the hoof slips into the glue-on tabs like in a fitting shoe. If the tabs are positioned at right angles to the horseshoe, they have to be kept in the correct angle by the glue - but as the tabs try to return to their initial position, there is a lot more stress on the glued connection. This additional stress is removed when using the Duplo Glue-On Tabs Pro because the tabs can stay in their initial position.

Duplo Glue-On Tabs

Vacuum Effect
Each tab of the Duplo Glue-On Tabs Pro is curved and works similarly to a vacuum cup. Thanks to the curve, the complete tab is evenly in touch with the hoof and you can achieve a glued connection over the complete surface of the tab. The borders of the tab also are in touch with the hoof wall - it is not necessary any more to seal the borders with glue.

Duplo Glue-On Tabs

Glueing Instruction
One of our most important goals when developping Duplo Glue-On Tabs is their straightforward application. Basically, the procedure is the same whether you use the glue-on tabs Easy or the Pro version in a Standard or Extra degree of hardness.

Heat the external border of the horseshoe and the bottom part of the glue-on tabs with a standard hot air gun until the synthetic material starts to gleam and becomes soft. Then you place the first inch of the glue-on tabs around the horseshoe and shortly press the two parts together. That way, you weld the tabs to the shoe inch for inch. Thanks to the glue-on tabs being made from the same material as the horseshoe, there will be an ideal connection between them.
Place the prepared horseshoe on a recently trimmed and finished hoof and glue tab after tab to the hoof wall with a suitable instant adhesive.

Duplo Glue-On Tabs

This is the basic procedure of using the Duplo Glue-On Tabs. However, we are convinced that there are better and easier ways to quickly and reliably fixate a glue-on horseshoe on a hoof. We are continuously experimenting and we'd like to know your suggestions for improvement!
We'd like to present two other methods on the following pages. Find out which version suits you the best and have fun experimenting!

Further Information
We have prepared a flyer about the Duplo Glue-On Tabs. The glue-on tabs themselves are available in our online shop, of course.

Latest Update: 2016-06-28


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