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Increase of prices in January 2018
Because of the constantly rising prices for materials and energy, we have decided with a heavy heart to announce an increase of prices for our Duplo Horseshoes. The new prices will be effective from January 1, 2018 - you still have some weeks left to prepare and to refill your stock. We think that we owe our long-standing customers at least this early heads-up, and we hope that you understand this displeasing measure and still remain faithful to us!


Annual Holidays from December 23, 2017 until January 7, 2018
We are going to take a short break from Saturday, December 23, 2017 until Sunday, January 7, 2018. During those days, our office won't be staffed and there won't be any shipments. Furthermore, our online shop will be down for maintenance for some days, beginning December 31, 2017. Please don't forget to refill your Duplo stock in time so there won't be any shortage during the holidays!

We'd like to use the opportunity to thank our clients for a very successfull year 2017. We hope that you and your horses enjoy a contemplative Advent, pleasant holidays and a happy New Year!


Duplo Certification
After a four-day training organized by the NBvH in the state-approved teaching smithy Frank (Staatliche Hufbeschlaglehrschmiede) in Grainet (Germany), three participants received their certification as Professional Duplo Users.



Duplo Horseshoes for Endurance Horses
We are always happy to receive positive feedback about our Duplo Horseshoes - for example, by the German endurance rider Anne Koch who is Landesmeister Sachsen im Distanzreiten 2017 (Endurance State Champion of Saxony) with her Arabian mare Bonitah! Congratulations!



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Duplo at the Americana in D-Augsburg
In september 2017, Duplo Composite Horseshoes were present at the Americana.



Duplos at the International Lameness Prevention Conference 2017
In september 2017, Duplo Composite Horseshoes were present at ELPO's International Lameness Prevention Conference.



Duplo Newsletter
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Professional Duplo Certification in Southern Germany
Because of the strong demand, there will be a four-day seminar with an exam for the Professional Duplo Certification at the end. The seminar will take place in the State-Licensed Horseshoeing School Frank in D-Grainet. The number of participants is limited to six so we can guarantee their individual mentoring - make sure to register soon!


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Duplo Horseshoes at Icelandic Horse Competitions
Great news for the Duplo enthousiasts with Icelandic Horses: The Duplo Composite Horseshoe is mentioned on the FEIF's (International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations) positive list of alternative shoeing options. It therefore may be used during a test run from April 1 until September 15, 2017, at every competition - with the exception of some national competitions in Germany (DJIM Wehrheim, DIM Wurz, WM-Qualifikation Aegidienberg) and the World Championships. We are very pleased about this development and we hope our Duplo users will have a successful competition season!

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Advantages of the Duplo Composite Horseshoe
What is special about the Duplo Composite Horseshoe? Take a look at our video and check out the large number of advantages!

Duplo Film


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