Metal Horseshoe Equipment

Here's some equipment for conventional metal horseshoes. Please note that this equipment is not suitable for Duplo Composite Horseshoes!

Drive-In Studs "Speedies"

Due to their hardened surface, the abrasion resistance of our Speedies is superior to traditional studs while the round shape protects from injuries. Mounting them is quite easy: Drill a hole – drive them in – finished! It is not necessary to rivet or to weld them; the studs will still not get lost.

Please note: Speedies are not utilizable for Duplo horseshoes; it is only possible to use them with traditional metal horseshoes!

Sizes: 4 mm – 6 mm – 8 mm

For detailed information about the Speedies, take a look at our flyer!

Pricing Scheme:
less than 100 pieces: 1.02 EUR / piece
less than 1,000 pieces: 0.87 EUR / piece
more than 1,000 pieces: 0.77 EUR / piece
more than 10,000 pieces: 0.65 EUR / piece


Rubber Plugs

If you are using metal horseshoes with stud holes but without studs, these rubber plugs keep the holes clean until you decide to drive your studs in.

Sizes: M10 (red) – M12 (green) - 3/8 inch (blue)

Pricing Scheme (packages of 100 pieces):
less than 100 packages: 7,38 EUR / package
more than 100 packages: 5,53 EUR / package

Pricing Scheme (packages of 50 pieces - only M10!):
less than 100 packages: 4,32 EUR / package
more than 100 packages: 3,09 EUR / package



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